The journal is principally for publication of Original Research Reports, which should preferably investigate a defined hypothesis. Maximum length 6 journal pages (approximately double-spaced typescript pages) including illustrations and tables.


  1. Submitted to Attahadi Libyan Medical Journal should be directed to the research and development of dental materials, devices and new techniques in dentistry or related fields. Manuscripts in the following categories are acceptable; original and review papers.
  • Original papers: Full length papers consisting of complete and detailed descriptions of a research problem, the experimental approach, the findings and appropriate discussion.
  • Review papers: Intending authors should communicate with the editorial board beforehand by E-mail.


  1. Manuscripts should be written in English. They should not be under consideration for publication in any other Journal and must not have been previously published.


  1. Manuscripts should be conforming to Dental materials Journal style and have English language errors corrected before submission. The editorial board may return the manuscript without refereeing due to the poor style and language usage. In the case of authors who are not native speaker of English, before submission, English grammar and syntax in the manuscripts should be checked and corrected by a native English-speaking person.
  2. Experimentation involving human subjects should be carried out in full accordance with ethical principle, including the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki. All studies using human subjects should include an explicit statement in the Material and Methods section identifying the ethics committee approval for each study. When experimental animals are used, the manuscript must state that the care to minimize pain and discomfort was in accordance with institution guidelines.
  3. All manuscripts will be sent to reviewers. Authors will be asked to revise the manuscripts according to the reviewer's comments. Acceptance or rejection of the manuscripts will be decided by the editorial board of Dental Materials Journal.
  4. Copyright of papers accepted for publication will be property of the Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices. Direct quotations, tables and illustrations in the published paper should be accompanied by written permission for their use from the copyright owners.
  5. The manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, on white paper of A4 size (297 mm×210 mm) with a word processor. Top, bottom and side margins should be about 25 mm. Number all pages consecutively at the middle of the bottom margin.
  6. Title page should include the following items:
  • Category of the manuscript
  • Title (the head of title sentence in capital letters and the others in lower case)
  • Full names of the authors for example: (Daisuke YAMASHITA1 and Seiji BAN2)
  • Institutions and addresses (including the all institutions’ addresses;

1Department of Periodontology, Graduate school of Medical and Dental Sciences,

Kagoshima University, 8-35-1 Sakuragaoka, Kagoshima 890-8544, Japan

2Department of Biomaterials Science, Graduate school of Medical and Dental

Sciences, Kagoshima University, 8-35-1 Sakuragaoka, Kagoshima 890-8544, Japan)

  • Key words (3-5 words and the head of each keyword in capital letters)
  • Numbers of reprints (number of reprints should be 50 multiples)
  • Corresponding author (full name; e-mail address: phone number, fax number)
  1. Manuscripts should include the following items:


  • ABSTRACT (100-150 words)
  1. Proprietary names of commercial products should be expressed in parentheses by their brand

       names, model, company, city, states and country.

  • A cutting instrument (Komet-Brasseler, GmbH, Lemgo, Germany)
  • A luting cement (Maxcem, Kerr Corporation, Orange, CA, USA)
  1. Do not use the space key before ºC, º, or % in the text (2ºC, 25%).
  2. Do not use the space key before and after >, =, /, ±, or × in the text (t=18, 25×70).
  3. Cite references in text should be in numerical order and used in superscript in line without any space (reference1), reference) or reference2-6). ).
  4. The reference applies to the Vancouver style; follow the sample references of NLM ( The references should be grouped in a section at the end of the text in numerical order as they appear in the text and should take the following form:


  • For journals

Authors' surname together with their initials, full title of the article, the abbreviated name of the journal (as shown in Index Medicus), year, volume, inclusive page numbers.


  • Kono H, Miyamoto M, Ban S. Bioactive apatite coating on titanium using an alternative soaking process. Dent Mater J 2007; 26: 186-193.
  • Ban S, Tsuruta S. Effect of surface modification using super critical water for metal substrate on the bonding strength of veneering resins. J J Dent Mater 2002; 21: 82-89.
  • For books

Authors' surname together with their initials: title of the book, city of publication, publisher, year of publication, inclusive page numbers.


  • Anusavice KJ. In: Anusavice KJ, editor. Phillips’ science of dental materials. 11th ed. St. Louis: Saunders Co; 2003. p. 655-719.


  • For Proceedings


  • Sato H, Ban S, Yamasaki Y. Effect of surface treatments on bonding strength of dental zirconia ceramics to resin cements. Proceedings of the 9th Asian BioCeramics Symposium; 2009 Dec 8-11; Nagoya, Japan. Sendai: Meirin-sha; 2009. p. 8-11.
  1. Figures should be numbered according to their order in the text. Each figure should be drawn separately. Figure captions are to appear on a separate page at the end of the manuscript.
  2. Tables should be numbered according to their order in the text. Each table should be typed on a separate sheet and should be understandable without referring to the text. Standard deviations of values should be indicated in parentheses.
  3. As a unit system, the international system of units (SI), MKS-system and CGS system are acceptable, whereas the yard-pound system is not permitted.
  4. The variable and abbreviation of lingua Ratina should be written in italic alphabet (p<0.05, et al., i.e.).
  5. When proof-reading, the author must not insert or eliminate sentences for revision purposes; only the correction of errors is allowed.
  6. The publishing charge is (250$) for a paper that does not exceed four Journal pages including tables and figures. As for charges over five pages, (50$) per page will be paid by the authors. Extra charges for such as figures and tables preparation, color printing of photographs will also be paid by the authors. If authors do not pay publishing charge, the article may be retracted.
  7. Instructions for online submission

(1) Attahadi Libyan Medical Journal now only accepts online submissions. All manuscripts should be Submitted on the DMJ-Web site (J-STAGE).


  • The authors should fill up all required information on the DMJ-Web site and upload the following files; a text, figures and tables as specified forms.
  • Text: DOC
  • Table: DOC
  • Figure: PDF, JPG, TIF, PPT


 -   All files should be within 20MB.

- The resolution of the photos and figures is desirable in 1200 dpi. The extra white space around the actual figure should be erased.

- All text and file names should be free from non-English fonts. Times or Times New Roman is adequate.

- Figure numbers and captions should be appeared on a separate page at the end of the text, not 

             be indicated inside of the figure.

- The mode of the images can be selected from three cases in (a)-(c).

  • If figures appear in gray-scale both in the printed version and in the electronic version of the journal, the illustrations should be produced in gray-scale.
  • If figures appear in gray-scale in the printed version and in color in the electronic version of the journal, the illustrations should be produced in color. There will be no charges of color in the electronic version to the authors. The illustrations in gray-scale may be required together with your accepted article based on the decision by the Editor-in-Chief.
  • If figures appear in color both in the printed version and in the electronic version of the journal, the illustrations should be produced in color. There will be the additional charges of color printing to the authors.
  • If you use the color images, please indicate your preference for (b) color in the electronic version only or (c) color both in the printed version and in the electronic version and your information of gray-scale printing or color printing for each image on a separate file for the color information.


Upon acceptance of an article, authors will be asked to complete a 'Journal Publishing Agreement' (see
more information on this). An e-mail will be sent to the corresponding author confirming receipt of
the manuscript together with a 'Journal Publishing Agreement' form or a link to the online version
of this agreement.